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Training to local journalist on Bal Bhela
January 02, 2017 - News and Activities

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Four days training to local journalist and MIREST networks was conducted in Bhaktapur Guest House from 25- 28 November, 2016. The training was provided to 13 local journalists from 13 programme areas of 9 districts based on the training manual developed for the training. The training was focused on CFLG, Bal Bhela and its importance in the local planning process, overview of bal bhela tools and their applications for local planning process and success stories feature writing. The officials from the MoFALD Mr. Reshmi  Raj Pandey, Mr. Purushottam Nepal and Mr. Bijay Raj Pandey  also took the sessions in the training and highlighted the importance of Bal Bhela, need of child friendly journalism and CFLG in general.


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