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Mass communication has been playing a vital role in the contemporary developing world for socio-economic transformation. Media Initiative for Rights, Equity and Social Transformation (MIREST/Nepal) has been established with the main objective of consolidating democracy and socio-economic transformation with the help of mass media. It seeks to contribute towards good governance, inclusion, human rights and development for the creation of an egalitarian and inclusive society through effective utilization of the tools of mass communication by spreading awareness with regards to democratic rights of the people of Nepal.

Under jurisdiction of existing laws with policy and directive of the government of Nepal, the organization will conduct the following programs in coordination and collaboration with the concerned authorities.
  1. As per the spirit of the preamble of the organization, MIREST Nepal will design, organize and conduct programs to meet the objective of socio-economic transformation through mass communications.

  2. The organization will conduct the programs of broadcasting, publication, organizing, lobbying, training, and conducting research for public awareness, human rights, social inclusion, good governance and development.

  3. Along with the works of broadcasting and publication, professional and practical, community based academic and skill providing centre will be established, developed and promoted to impart knowledge, skill, and training through mass communication with qualitative, reliable and contemporary approach.

  4. To provide the knowledge through mass communication tools like Lobbying, Advocacy (Publicity), Broadcasting (Television, Radio), Publication (Book, Pamphlet, Poster, Digital Print, Banner, Hoarding Board) including New media (Internet, Multimedia, CD, VCD, Photography, Movie), real public programs (interaction, assembly, conference, roundtable, seminar, drama, exhibition, cultural program.) It will establish, manage, develop and promote broadcasting, publication and printing materials production center.

  5. To carry out varieties of functions to gain access to the special expertise, skills, and competence achieved by foreign countries and organizations existing in Nepal and using them for social, economic and professional development.

  6. To establish a network constituting of governmental, semi-governmental organizations, NGOs, and mass media organizations which are active in increasing awareness and working for human rights, social inclusion, good governance and development.

  7. To carry out different kinds of works by coordinating with national, international, governmental or Non-governmental organizations or individuals to meet the goals in line with the preamble of this constitution.
Immediate Objectives:
  1. To make people aware about inclusive political process
  2. To make people aware about Constituent Assembly electoral process and constitution making process
  3. To strengthen the democratization process
  4. To provide an in depth understanding about development issues such as good governance, human security, socio-economic transformation and poverty reduction with emphasis on youths, women and marginalised groups.

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