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Media Initiative for Rights, Equity and Social Transformation (MIREST/Nepal) is a non-profit-making, non-partisan, non-governmental organisation. It was established to implement people-centred media initiatives by professionals affiliated with well-established media entities, in association with independent media professionals and social scientists having a long standing within their respective profession. MIREST/Nepal is functioning independently from both NMPL and TNN. Registered at the CDO office Lalitpur, the Head Office of MIREST/Nepal is located in Lalitpur. It has already established working relations with numerous social and media-related organisations/individuals also outside the capital.

MIREST Nepal aims to support democracy through the mass media by raising awareness of issues such as good governance, social inclusion, human rights, and peace building. MIREST-Nepal offers workshops, awareness-raising activities, audio and video debates, FM broadcasts, and the publication of journals, bulletins and leaflets.

In a nutshell, MIREST Nepal examines issues that contribute to democratization in Nepal. It is a national level organization, working in the field of democratization, inclusiveness in terms of gender and all marginalized and backward classes, gender equity and good governance advocating especially for civil rights issues throughout the country in all 75 districts. MIREST's efforts have been directed towards mobilization of social energy and aspirations of the Nepalese people to accomplish constructive goals. The previous Constitution, drafted in 1990 after the first People's Movement, incorporated some elements regarding democratic governance. However, it was unable to fully incorporate the voices and concerns of the general people. Excluded from that process - by design and effect - were women, Dalits, Janajatis (indigenous peoples), Madhesis, religious minorities, linguistic groups and people of isolated areas, such as the people from Karnali. In this regard, MIREST Nepal has been conducting a broad-based grassroots interactions and mass media campaign that combines advocacy for inclusion of marginalized groups in the peace, constitution making and governance and decision-making processes and restructuring of the State, as well as, their particular concerns in the new Constitution with civic education for the double discriminated, excluded and marginalized groups.

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